Handmade macramé clothes and accessories by TAIKA

TAIKA macrame designs are consciously handmade exclusive and outstanding wearable art. All TAIKA items are made from 100 % recycled cotton rope and out of  durable natural materials in the respect and integrity of nature. Knots are each crafted with an intention.


Macramé vest - SAAMI beige
Beige macramé vest is bringing the bohemian style to the next level. This boho warrior macramé vest has exquisite handcrafted details and long fringe. The vest is definitely one for the collection for those who love to dress to impress. The shoulder badges create a grand nordic warrior look, and its impressive details stand out from the standard.Personalize your style with the unique vest and combine it with various outfits. Wear it as a compliment to your favourite outfit or throw it on your shoulders at a party or on the beach.MeasurementsSize S/MShoulder width to the seam: 36 cmShoulder width to the shoulder padge: 51 cmLength front: 75 cmLength back: 73 cmOr ask for customized measurements.ColourBeigeMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Macramé vest - SAAMI yellow
Macramé vest is the best summer accessory that one can think of. This bohemian yellow macramé vest has unique handmade details and long fringe to play with. The vest is definitely one for the collection for those who love to dress to impress. The shoulder badges create a grand warrior look, and its impressive details stand out from the masses.Personalize your style with the unique bohemian summer vest and combine it with various outfits. Wear it as a compliment to your favourite outfit or throw it on your shoulders at a party or on the beach.MeasurementsSize S/MShoulder width to the seam: 36 cmShoulder width to the shoulder padge: 51 cmLength front: 75 cmLength back: 73 cmOr ask for customized measurements.ColourYellowMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Macramé tassel skirt - FREJA beige
Celtic inspired light brown macramé tassel skirt works as a wide belt too. It supports the lower belly area with style and comfort. The pattern makes the skirt stretch too so you can dance and move with it freely.This celtic belt is knotted by hand and is one of a kind.MeasurementsSize SWaist: 65 cmLength front: 98 cmLength back: 98 cmColourLight brownMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Macrame beach dress - FLORITA white
This white macrame beach dress is delicate and light. It is made of 100% recycled cotton yarns and feels extremely soft on the skin. It is a perfect compliment to wear with your bikini or lingerie. You can also wear this dress on top of another dress as an accessory and create a unique style that turns heads on the streets. This dress transforms to multiple outfits depending on what you combine it with. This macrame dress has beautiful detail in the front and long tassels to dance and play with. It is easy to adjust from the back by tying the straps together.MeasurementsSize SBust width front: 54 cmBust length front: 25 cmBust around up to: 97 cmWaist around: 84 cmLength from waist down front: 92 cmLength from waist down back: 92 cmColourOff whiteMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Macramé goddess top - BOSSANO
This handmade womens macramé goddess top is exceptionally beautiful and a perfect fit to any bohemian hippie style or even a bridal occasion. It is a special and flowy halter neck top that shows just enough of skin to give you a cute but sexy young look. It is an outstanding festival outfit, made for dancing and moving as it has long swaying tassels in the front that makes the dress fall down gracefully. Wear it on the beach on your bikini or as a chic accessory on a tunic, under your favourite kimono, or with a pair of harem pants! It truly is a grateful and multifunctional piece of clothing that every girl should have. Well, it might not serve at a yoga class as its loose fringe would fall on your face half of the time! :)This special goddess top is not a standard 'decor piece', but unique and one of a kind cover magazine design. It is made from recycled soft and luxurious off white cotton yarns that feel appealing and organic on the skin. It differentiates from any knit or crochet lace design with its outstanding work to detail.To wear the macrame top tie one knot behind your back and one behind your neck. The straps are finished with stylish tassels made from the waste products of cutting the macrame fringe.The macrame top is washable despite its delicate image. Treat cautiously for it to stay in a good condition, and take care of your art piece to guarantee longevity.See and browse the rest of the collection on this page right here, and make your order through an easy order process. You can google other designs for example on pinterest, and if you do get inspired and wish for a custom made piece, please contact me at [email protected] or via contact form. All ideas are welcome! I know I would be happy to fulfil your dream outfit. Nothing is black and white! ;)The white colour allows you to dye the piece for example with some floral, natural and organic dyes to match your other hippie dresses or blouse shirts that you might wear underneath the top. That is a perfects diy mission right there! Explore videos on YouTube for the maximum benefit.Follow TAIKA latest news and updates on Facebook or Instagram.MeasurementsSize MBust width: 33 cmBust length: 24 cmBust around up to: 127 cmLength: 53 cmColourOff whiteMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Tribal style long macrame necklace - MAYA
This tribal style long macrame necklace from natural soft cotton has extraordinary patterns and is one of a kind. It has a long fringe that covers the whole chest area. This piece can be used in various occasions such as festivals, parties, or any casual events where you are looking for some extra spice to your outfit. Create a beautiful goddess look by adding this piece to your boho nymphet look. Mix it with your favorite clothing.The jewelry is easy to close. Just tie it up behind your back. The straps are detailed with beautiful and eligible art in the ends of them. You can also easily was your cotton macramé necklace. Read more from here. Shop more necklaces here. This clothing looks very nice with a crystal gemstone like an obsidian as a pendant in the middle as a healing set. Embrace your natural beauty - fits for every body and size.MeasurementsLength 99 cmWidth 24 cm ColourLight mint greenMaterial100 % recycled cotton yarnsFind us also on etsy and see other of our related products or get some more ideas in our shop by staying on this page :).


Soft cotton macrame tassel earrings - OAXACA
Handmade soft cotton macrame tassel earrings are extremely light to wear despite their big size as they are made from delicate cotton yarns. TAIKA uses only natural and recycled materials in its designs and these earrings are no exception. Combine with your favourite TAIKA tops or necklaces, or mix and match to your already existing collection. These ultra light earrings are easy to maintain and are even washable. To give more structure to the tassels you can comb them with a hair comb. That fluffs out any flatness that might occur after some time of using them.The earrings' metallic part is golden coloured stainless steel. It has a modern 'almond shape' and it complements the boho chic style of the earrings. 


TAIKA - for more sustainable fashion

All TAIKA products are made from high quality textile wastes. The yarns have been produced by using the latest recycle technologies and functions which means that no chemical dyeing processes have been done in the production of the ropes and also there has been no water usage during the production process. All materials and the whole production chain for TAIKA designs are maintaining a vegan and cruelty free lifestyle.

What is TAIKA about?

TAIKA designs are a perfect example for creative and modern, yet ecological and sustainable clothing and accessories that are unique, timeless and soulful. All the macrame creations are made by hand, using creative  patterns to custom every piece, and therefore every piece of work is special and one of a kind. In the era of fast fashion race TAIKA is breaking through limitations by proclaiming that recycled and upcycled can be beautiful. 

TAIKA aims to transparency in all phases of its production and first hand supply chain, as well as contributes to compensate the carbon footprint by collaborating with a reforestation NGO called Eden Projects and planting trees for every sold piece. Besides that, TAIKA is bringing awareness around sustainability in fashion, and other fashion related subjects, as well as in women empowerment. "Bring back the natural beauty!" is the thriving resource, and an image of the brand.

Fashion is not just about looking good - it’s also about doing good, doing what is right and feeling good about it with respect for oneself, others, and the environment. We can make a social and ecological impact by making conscious decisions correctly  in our consumption behaviours, and by changing our belief systems.

We need a total change in the fashion scene that is required today, in order to step on to the new level of maintaining more sustainable results and showing that every little action matters. As a community we are stronger, and the maintenance and consistency in following through is necessary. Join the movement!




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Whether you are in a search of an alternative boho gypsy wedding dress, or unique bridal dresses, knotted wedding veils or festival headbands with long tassels - you are on a right site! Check out the beautiful TAIKA macramé clothes selection for the beach party first aid, Burning Man or Coachella festivals, and feel inspired! Find top gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Match these unique pieces together and find your inner super model.

Find inspiration and gift ideas for a unique vintage look and explore the page to create your own personalized style by mixing and matching  your new TAIKA macrame clothes together with your favourite urban clothes! TAIKA tops, and maxi size necklaces are easy to combine - every woman should have at least one of each item, and one of each color! 

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Coming up...

TAIKA will enter a new field in the world of macrame, knot by knot, and try its wings in home decoration and in creating more accessories like purses and handbags! Hanging wall art decorations and plant hangers, lamp covers and other mini home supplies made from cord fiber are coming up soon for you to start decorating your home! Plus learn how to make your own macrame tutorial diy video is coming up soon... Stay tuned.....