Sustainability project

TAIKA is not only concentrating on environmental issues in fashion industry, but is an objection for fast fashion as a whole. TAIKA is conveying awareness around the topics of transparency, sustainability and body positivity in fashion.

TAIKA on a mission - The three pillars

TAIKA's philosophy concentrates on three main topics:

+ Making the fashion industry visible, assuring 100% transparency for consumers, and providing all the information they might need to make conscious decisions.

+ TAIKA is taking a full responsibility of the carbon footprint that it is producing as a fashion enterprise, and uses innovative ways to compensate for the environmental problems that fast fashion has caused in the past.

+ Empowering women by leading an example in body positivity and natural look in fashion and marketing. Reinventing the fashion industry.

Using recycled and sustainable materials 

All TAIKA designs have been produced from 100 % recycled cotton yarns. The yarns have been manufactured from debris fabric fibres and pieces collected from various textile companies. In the manufacturing process the fibres have first been separated by quality, and then assembled to various threads and yarns. There is no chemical dyeing process applied in the production of the yarns and no water is used during the production.


Social and Environmental Impact

For every TAIKA purchase you plant 5 trees in collaboration with Eden Projects. So you’re not just buying macrame clothes but contributing to reforestation of out planet.

By buying TAIKA you are part of the ecological and social activism that the planet needs to be able to develop sustainably. You’re helping to generate cleaner air by reforesting various areas of the planet.


Empowered women empower women

TAIKA is taking an action on acquiring diversity in the fashion industry and challenging nonsensical marketing by using realistic, natural and non-photoshopped models with no make-up. TAIKA is not promoting any other mainstream beauty standards either and swears for natural beauty. By promoting  body positivity, and reclaiming the right for the natural and pure state of being a woman, TAIKA is aiming for bringing in more self-love and self empowerment amongst women.


Where to find TAIKA?

You can follow TAIKA on different social media platforms like YouTubeInstagram and Facebook to join the sustainable community and to be informed of all the upcoming events, activities and offers!

If you have any questions or want to know more you can order yourself the TAIKA newsletter, you can write on [email protected] or on any social media platform.