The TAIKA mission in stories and pictures. Read more about TAIKA's mission, projects, the latest news, and updates regarding events and topics around sustainability, fashion and woman empowerment.

All about sustainable slow fashion

There is no such thing as being 100% sustainable with fashion. But there is some different ways of approaching the topic that you can learn from to become more sustainable and decide where you stand. TAIKA is proclaiming call to action by doing as much as possible for more sustainability and transparency in fashion.

Recycling in fashion - Conscious choices for better future

Producing goods from recycled materials contributes to the protection of our world resources and the environment, because we are able to reuse waste materials instead of producing new. All TAIKA macramé designs are produced from 100 % recycled cotton yarns. The yarns are manufactured from left over fabric fibres and pieces collected from various fabric companies. 

Social Impact Business - How is TAIKA contributing to the world?

By buying TAIKA you are part of the ecological activism that the planet needs to be able to develop sustainably. You’re helping to generate cleaner air by reforesting various areas of the planet. As an addition TAIKA is dedicated to bring awareness around the topics of sustainability, transparency and body positivity in fashion.

Empowered women empower women

TAIKA is aiming for bringing in more self-love and self empowerment amongst women by promoting body positivity, and healthy body image. The times of body shaming and low self esteem are so last season! By empowering ourselves, we naturally empower women around us. 

The value of handicrafts - Artisans keep the traditions alive

We have become habitual consumers in this globalized around-the-clock marketplace. Encouraged by persistent advertising, we are always searching for the next thrill to make us feel fulfilled. And as fast as possible. Yet, we rarely reflect on the impact of our purchases on a bigger scale.


Vegan fashion vs. sustainable fashion

Many people think that by buying vegan fashion they are contributing to sustainability. While most vegan brands are sustainable in their overall production process, sustainable fashion as a whole must be defined separately. Vegan fashion is not always sustainable and vice versa.


The truth about Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are promoting overconsumption due to the extremely unscrupulous offers - and consumers feel the urge to buy things ‘just because’ of the discount, even if they don’t need the product, making these events extremely unsustainable.


Bohemian macrame

Macramé may be best known for its bohemian run in the '60s and '70s but after crashing down after that era it is finally having a comeback as trends shift toward more boho and eclectic decor and fashion again. This has inspired innovative artisans, crafters, and designers to continue to recreate this knotted and woven art to make its heavily textured patterns look better than ever in today's home and in bohemian street styles.