Macrame accessories and jewellery

TAIKA 'Specials' are handmade macrame accessories and jewellery, such as macrame earrings, head pieces & festival or wedding veils, necklaces and more. All made from recycled cotton in the respect of nature.

Bohemian macrame festival veil - PUNTA COMETA
Absolute bohemian style macrame festival veil is made from extremely soft cotton yarns that have been recycled without any chemicals involved. This unique veil is an excellent choice for creating a stylish boho festival look. The headband has beautiful macrame patterns circling around and long flaring fringe that descends along the hair. Works as a unique hair decoration and a head piece that will not stay noticed! Find your style by combining this head piece with different outfits and looks. Wear on the forehead or more in the back if that fits you better. The macrame veil is knotted with love and an intention, knot by knot. MeasurementsAround: 57 cmLength: 58 cmColourOff whiteMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Boho macrame wedding veil - MERMEJITA
Exceptional macrame veil is ideal for an alternative bohemian wedding. Beautifully ornamented macrame patterns flatter any boho wedding style, and its long strings in the back settle alongside the open hair swaying in the wind together with it. The macrame veil is extremely soft and pleasant to wear. It is handmade of recycled cotton strings and follows the ecological and ethical slow fashion movement. MeasurementsAround: 63Length 68 cmColourLight mint greenMaterials100 % recycled cotton


Macramé headpiece - MAZUNTE
Handcrafted macrame headpiece is knotted from recycled soft cotton ropes that feel soft on the skin. This headpiece is flowing nicely along your hair completing any gypsy look. It has long tail in the back and in the front there is a little fringe on both sides. Perfect look for a festival or a tribal gathering. MeasurementsAround: 58 cm Length 59 cmColourOff whiteMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Macramé tassel skirt - FREJA
Celtic inspired light brown macramé tassel skirt works as a wide belt too. It supports the lower belly area with style and comfort. The pattern makes the skirt stretch too so you can dance and move with it freely.This celtic belt is knotted by hand and is one of a kind.MeasurementsSize SWaist: 68 cmLength front: 60 cmLength back: 82 cmColourLight brownMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Soft cotton macrame tassel earrings - OAXACA
Handmade soft cotton macrame tassel earrings are extremely light to wear despite their big size as they are made from delicate cotton yarns. TAIKA uses only natural and recycled materials in its designs and these earrings are no exception. Combine with your favourite TAIKA tops or necklaces, or mix and match to your already existing collection. These ultra light earrings are easy to maintain and are even washable. To give more structure to the tassels you can comb them with a hair comb. That fluffs out any flatness that might occur after some time of using them.The earrings' metallic part is golden coloured stainless steel. It has a modern 'almond shape' and it complements the boho chic style of the earrings. 


Ultra light macrame earrings with tassels - XILITLA
Ultra light macrame cotton earrings with long tassels. Create a unique jungle style with these stylish off white macrame earrings that are extremely light and comfortable to wear as they are made from the softest and lightest cotton that has been recycled from debris pieces during the production of other TAIKA products. This way nothing goes to waste.Complete any style with these flattering butterfly earrings or give as a gift. The metallic part is stainless steel coloured in gold. The metal is shaped as an almond and has a modern and stylish touch to it. These macrame earrings are washable and easy take care of. You can comb the tassels for revitalising them after use.MeasurementsLength: 7 cmWidth: 3 cmColourOff white


Warrior macramé vest - SAAMI
Boho warrior macramé vest with exquisite details and short fringe. This wearable art piece is definitely one for the collection for those who love to dress to impress. The shoulder badges create a grand nordic warrior look, and its impressive details stand out from the standard.The vest is handmade with love and intention.MeasurementsSize SShoulder width to the seam: 36 cmShoulder width to the shoulder padge: 51 cmLength front: 62 cmLength back: 41 cmOr ask modified measurements.ColourOff whiteMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Spice up your style with TAIKA Specials!

TAIKA Specials are timeless and beautiful macrame accessories and jewellery to complete your bohemian style! TAIKA is using left over materials from its own production to prevent more wastefulness for creating smaller macrame pieces like earrings.


What is a veil?

Veiling has a long history in European, Asian, and African societies. Besides its enduring religious significance, veiling continues to play a role in some modern contexts, such as wedding customs. Besides that, veils or headpieces have gained popularity in the modern bohemian dress up culture, and especially amongst festival goers. Veils and headpieces are fashionable additional decoration to complete an outfit and to draw attention to wanted areas.

TAIKA macrame veils are unique art pieces

TAIKA macrame veils are beautifully detailed bohemian art work and as all TAIKA products, they are made from natural and soft recycled macrame cotton yarns. The head decorations feel soft on the skin and are comfortable to wear. Complement your beautiful hippie style with a handmade macrame veil or wear with your everyday outfit to create a unique flower child look.

Weddings coming up?

TAIKA macrame veils can be used at an alternative bohemian wedding parties. Complete your boho wedding look with a long white macrame wedding veil. 

+ For custom designs, please get in contact via email [email protected] or send your request through the contact form and let's discuss about the options!

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