Soft cotton macrame tassel earrings - OAXACA


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Soft cotton macrame tassel earrings - OAXACA
Handmade soft cotton macrame tassel earrings are extremely light to wear despite their big size as they are made from delicate cotton yarns. TAIKA uses only natural and recycled materials in its designs and these earrings are no exception. Combine with your favourite TAIKA tops or necklaces, or mix and match to your already existing collection. These ultra light earrings are easy to maintain and are even washable. To give more structure to the tassels you can comb them with a hair comb. That fluffs out any flatness that might occur after some time of using them.

The earrings' metallic part is golden coloured stainless steel. It has a modern 'almond shape' and it complements the boho chic style of the earrings. 

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Ultra light macrame earrings with tassels - XILITLA
Ultra light macrame cotton earrings with long tassels. Create a unique jungle style with these stylish off white macrame earrings that are extremely light and comfortable to wear as they are made from the softest and lightest cotton that has been recycled from debris pieces during the production of other TAIKA products. This way nothing goes to waste.Complete any style with these flattering butterfly earrings or give as a gift. The metallic part is stainless steel coloured in gold. The metal is shaped as an almond and has a modern and stylish touch to it. These macrame earrings are washable and easy take care of. You can comb the tassels for revitalising them after use.MeasurementsLength: 7 cmWidth: 3 cmColourOff white


Macramé headpiece - MAZUNTE
Handcrafted macrame headpiece is knotted from recycled soft cotton ropes that feel soft on the skin. This headpiece is flowing nicely along your hair completing any gypsy look. It has long tail in the back and in the front there is a little fringe on both sides. Perfect look for a festival or a tribal gathering. MeasurementsAround: 58 cm Length 59 cmColourOff whiteMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Macramé choker necklace - BAUNEI
Stylish and delicate macramé choker necklace for a boho summer style. This unique tribal style jewelry choker works as an interesting centrepiece or a trendy collar. It is made out of knots, and decorated with exquisite pattern in the center, and is one of a kind. It is made by hand from recycled delicate cotton cord that feels soft on the skin.When one thinks of a choker necklace one often thinks about the black satin type decorated with stones such as agate, lapis lazuli, amethyst, rose quartz, turquoise or labradorite. But this amazing choker falls into another category.There is multiple variations to play with this extraordinary macramé choker. For a sensual celebration wear on a bare skin (free the nipple!) or accompany your sassiest lingerie or beachwear. You can also include this craft as an addition to a casual look with a pair of jeans and a jersey shirt!Rock it with style! With this dauntless necklace you can recreate any bohemian style on point! Test the endless possibilities to create your charm! Flatters any figure. This unique piece is easily adjustable and multi function.To close the accessory just wrap a basic loop knot behind your neck from the ending of the finely decorated straps, and make sure to tighten the string on a necessary position and level. Every knot has been knotted with love and an intention using only sustainable and natural materials. This results a happy product, and happier deals!There is no need to wash your new wearable art piece but if you need to you can check out the step by step instructions of how to take care of your small macramé jewelry from here.You can buy more handmade wearable art and other woven products in different colours online from here or on etsy shop. Necklaces are a perfect gift idea for any occasion! You can find a diy tutorial on youtube for making your own macrame piece. But if you feel like it is too much of an effort; I am happy to help! ;) Reach out for personalized and flexible custom made beaded designs with a healing crystal or any gemstone of your choice (I love a feminine Moonstone and a Tiger eye) as a pendant, glass, pearl, brass, silver, bead or any other beads, ads, different colors or features that your soul might desire.  You find me at [email protected] or by filling out a contact form on this site.Find similar items from the same brand here.  MeasurementsWidth: 17 cmLength: 51 cmColorOff whiteMaterials100 % recycled cotton


Bohemian macrame festival veil - PUNTA COMETA
Absolute bohemian style macrame festival veil is made from extremely soft cotton yarns that have been recycled without any chemicals involved. This unique veil is an excellent choice for creating a stylish boho festival look. The headband has beautiful macrame patterns circling around and long flaring fringe that descends along the hair. Works as a unique hair decoration and a head piece that will not stay noticed! Find your style by combining this head piece with different outfits and looks. Wear on the forehead or more in the back if that fits you better. The macrame veil is knotted with love and an intention, knot by knot. MeasurementsAround: 57 cmLength: 58 cmColourOff whiteMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Tribal style long macrame necklace - MAYA
This tribal style long macrame necklace from natural soft cotton has extraordinary patterns and is one of a kind. It has a long fringe that covers the whole chest area. This piece can be used in various occasions such as festivals, parties, or any casual events where you are looking for some extra spice to your outfit. Create a beautiful goddess look by adding this piece to your boho nymphet look. Mix it with your favorite clothing.The jewelry is easy to close. Just tie it up behind your back. The straps are detailed with beautiful and eligible art in the ends of them. You can also easily was your cotton macramé necklace. Read more from here. Shop more necklaces here. This clothing looks very nice with a crystal gemstone like an obsidian as a pendant in the middle as a healing set. Embrace your natural beauty - fits for every body and size.MeasurementsLength 99 cmWidth 24 cm ColourLight mint greenMaterial100 % recycled cotton yarnsFind us also on etsy and see other of our related products or get some more ideas in our shop by staying on this page :).