Macrame clothes

Macramé can be used to make everything from plant hangers and wall hangings and other art to jewellery, handbags, and even clothing. Macrame clothes are exclusive form of art. Any piece of clothing that is made by using various combinations of macrame knots are considered macrame clothes. 

This closeup of a halter top that the model is wearing is made with various old school macrame knots from recycled beige cotton cord. It has beautifully detailed grid style patterns both back and front.

What are macrame clothes?

Macrame clothes can vary from an innocent and pleated beach set to a burning hot festivaloutfit. Macrame clothes can be custom made rave and festivaloutfit designs for example for music festivals such as Coachella or Burningman. Macrame clothes are often exquisite and bohemian, and therefore easy to combine with a beautiful vintage clothing collection and jewelry. The former hippie and gypsy cultures have been an inspiration for the bohemian style to be able to bloom. Macrame clothes results from these subcultures and are already getting knowledgeable through big commercial brands as well.

Macrame clothes are also often handmade but nowadays the industrialisation has taken over in weaved clothes too. This saves time but nothing beats a costume or an outfit that is made by hand as that makes it special.

Macrame has made its way to wedding industry too. Macrame wedding dresses or any bridal accessories such as veils etc. are getting popular in unconventional and alternative weddings - also as decor, and even gifts. Wedding dresses can be modified to please the client. It is possible to add pieces of fabric or embedding underneath the cords to cover and hide the chest and the belly area, and shoulder pieces or some sleeve can be added to a wedding dress too.


Origin of macrame

The origin of macramé is generally attributed to Arabic weavers during the 13th century, using decorative knots to finish the loose ends of hand-woven textiles. However, decorative knot-tying can also be traced back to third-century China on ceremonial textiles as well as wall hangings.

Nowadays macrame clothes are booming as they are considered to be in fashion again, because of their bohemian attributes. Bohemian style is related to a '70s hippie fashion, in which natural fabrics, retro patterns, neutrals and warm shades were typical features of it, as well as big accessories, and overall artistic, creative mishmash of elements and loose shaped clothes. Though bohemian culture has longer roots than just from the '70s it is the most known from that era. Click the button for more details about bohemian macrame.


Macrame ropes

Macrame is produced by creating various knots with strings, which are tied in a decorative way with using only your hands. Macrame and crochet are two totally different styles as crochet is knitted with a hook as a tool whereas macrame is made by hand. It differentiates from crochet as in crochet the knots are knitted with a hook.

The most commonly used cords for macrame clothes are medium ropes, 4mm-7mm. They are a great size for macramé beginners, more sturdy than the smaller ropes and they work sizewise also for plant hangers, wall hangings, furniture, lanterns, curtains, rugs, etc.

The materials used are depending on the product. For plant hangers and wall hangings it is not so important which type of cord is being used, but for macrame clothes the best material is soft cotton. All TAIKA designs are made from recycled extra soft and light cotton yarns with love.

Macramé tassel skirt - FREJA beige
Celtic inspired light brown macramé tassel skirt works as a wide belt too. It supports the lower belly area with style and comfort. The pattern makes the skirt stretch too so you can dance and move with it freely.This celtic belt is knotted by hand and is one of a kind.MeasurementsSize SWaist: 65 cmLength front: 98 cmLength back: 98 cmColourLight brownMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Knotted macramé tank top - FRIDA
Exquisite light brown bohemian style knotted macrame tank top with tassels. This macramé top has special pattern that is combining comfortability and style with its stretchy essence. It has beautiful details both in the front and back. The details in the back leave the middle back area open. Its tassels arte fun to play with as they sway in the wind.This tank top is influenced by dystopian apocalyptic movies such as Madmax or Matrix. Create your favourite style by combining your everyday outfits with this extraordinary art piece.MeasurementsSize SBust width: 33 cmBust length: 23 cmBust around up to: 86 cmLength: 53 cmColourLight brownMaterial100 % recycled cotton


Macramé goddess top - POETTO
Exceptional macramé goddess top with long fringe and beautifully detailed macrame patterns. The shape of the macrame top flatters any figure by bringing the focus on the décolletage because of its beautifully garnished details that work as an eye-catcher. The boho dress is perfect for the gorgeous goddess look at festivals, parties, or even weddings! The top is utterly combinatorial so feel free to try out the wildest combos that you can imagine!This dazzling goddess dress is easy to wear too; it is a halterneck style top that can be tied from behind your neck and your back with simple knots or bows. The straps are finished with style and are appealing to the eye. For cleaning and maintaining your top read more here.The top is produced from 100 % recycled white cotton ropes that are immensely soft and pleasant on the skin. It is handcrafted consciously and sustainably in respect of nature following zero waste guidelines.MeasurementsSize MBust width: 43 cmBust length: 28 cmBust around up to: 96 cmLength: 91 cmColourWhiteMaterial100 % recycled cotton


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