Goddess dresses

Outstanding bohemian style goddess dresses and alternative wedding dresses from TAIKA. All dresses are handmade using various macramé techniques for creating an exceptional pattern that makes a unique style! For custom made orders please fill up the contact form or write to [email protected]

Macramé goddess dress - ISHTAR
White bohemian goddess dress with long tassels and extraordinary details. The boho style lightweight macramé dress is multifunctional and is easy to mix and match with other bohemian apparel. The dress is a perfect alternative wedding dress when you are looking for something special, handmade and sustainable instead of the traditional wedding dresses. You can wear the dress together with TAIKA wedding veil for creating the impeccable boho wedding look. Or simply wear the gown at festivals or hedonistic temple nights to turn heads. Wear a white long skirt under the unique costume or grab a pair of your favourite leggings to change the style to a bit more relaxed and casual.The dress is made by hand up to every little detail from recycled soft cotton yarns. It is light to carry and easy to wear by tying the straps behind the back of the dress. The beautiful details in the front secure enough coverage for the chest area.MeasurementsSize SBust width front: 33 cmBust length front: 22 cmBust around up to: 110 cmWaist around: 73 cm (smallest possible)Length from waist down front: 69 cmLength from waist down back: 92 cmColourOff whiteMaterial100 % recycled cotton


TAIKA - for more sustainable fashion

Exclusive, sustainable slow fashion.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. By making right choices in your everyday life you can affect to the negative impact. By choosing organic and natural fibres over synthetic ones you contribute in protecting the resources of our planet. Buying recycled garments and other products made from upcycled or recycled materials is even more effective in fighting the fast fashion industry and the damage it causes. It is time to change our views and contribute to more sustainable preferences.

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Alternative bohemian wedding 

Bohemian weddings are all about channeling effortless and elegant style. The elegance of the gown, paired with a soft, loose hairdo and a delicate flower crown, evokes a free-spirited nature. TAIKA wedding dresses and veils are a perfect addition to the boho wedding style. They are handmade by using various macrame techniques to create extraordinary patterns and styles.

The idea behind a bohemian styled wedding is trading the typical "formal" and conventional wedding wear for a more casual and relaxed look. However, this does not mean sweat pants or jeans and a t-shirt. The bohemian attitude is a care-free attitude executed with style. Individuals looking to celebrate are dressed well, but lack a focus on their attire.

Unlike hippie, the Boho style has no political origins. It, however, stems from an aesthetic origin. Even though some of the Boho fashion roots can be linked to the hippie fashion, its personality and lifestyle have been embraced by women in a huge way. It supports femininity and therefore, far from being unisex.

What is Bohemian wedding like?

A Bohemian Wedding is like pages from a mythical woodland enchanted book. Boho Chic Weddings have a distinct soft and romantic feel that is often earthy and inspired by nature. It is often outdoors if possible. The bohemian style is all about comfortability and style. Skintight shirts or body-hugging dresses are not typical for a Bohemian wedding. For women, look for billowing dresses and soft, flowing top parts. If you can run through a field of flowers comfortably, it's probably a great bohemian piece!

What exactly is Bohemian?

Bohemianism is typically the practice of an unconventional lifestyle involving often musical, artistic, literary, or spiritual pursuits. Bohemians prosper in the company of other like-minded people and with few permanent ties. In this context, Bohemians may or may not be nomads, adventurers, or vagabonds.

In the past "Bohemians" were associated with unorthodox or anti-establishment political or social viewpoints, which often were expressed through free love, frugality, and - in some cases -simple living, vandwelling or voluntary poverty. A more economically privileged, wealthy, or even aristocratic bohemian circle is sometimes referred to as haute bohème (literally "high Bohemia").

Nowadays Bohemianism has stretched to more privileged socio-economic groups as well. It is a way of living, looking like one does not care how they look, but actually they might have used hours in front of the mirror to create the perfect boho look! 

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